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Wooden Hanging Nursery Shelf

Wooden Hanging Nursery Shelf

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Make your room artistic and neat with our Nordic standout wall hanging decor


📝 Organizes clutter effortlessly

🔥 Ignites your creative flair

👉 Convenient and easy to install

🌟 Adds a fancy touch to your room

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Introducing our Wooden Hanging Nursery Shelf in beautiful color finish.

Declutter stylishly with ChicHang!

Tired of your messy room but despise monotonous shelves? ChicHang swing shelf is an ideal mix of function and style. It will help you dominate clutter and elevate your decor.

Messy room causing stress?

A cluttered room can be a source of stress. ChicHang Swing Shelf is designed to hold your little trinkets, photos, or plant pots, giving everything a neat specific place.

Simple decor feeling boring?

Why settle for ordinary when you can opt for stunning? Our Nordic-inspired swing shelf adds a quirky yet classy vibe to any room, making decor fun and exciting.

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Shelf Dimensions

38 x 14cm

Package Contents

1x rope, tassels, shelf, and beads