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Night Vision HD Video Baby Monitor

Night Vision HD Video Baby Monitor

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Intuitive Tech for Stress-Free Parenting Every Night


👶 Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring

📹 3.5-inch HD screen for clearer views

👀 PTZ zoom for up-close inspection

🌚 Night vision for round-the-clock care

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Introducing our game-changing Wireless Night Vision Baby Monitor: Your Ultimate Peace of Mind!

👶 Crisp and Clear Viewing: Experience the joy of watching your baby with the stunning 3.5 inch HD screen on our wireless control pad. Stay connected and capture every precious moment in high definition.

🔊 Stay Connected, Soothe and Reassure: Hear every sound and communicate with your baby effortlessly using the integrated sound detection and two-way sound control. Let them know you're always there.

🔎 Keep an Eye on Every Angle: Zoom in, rotate, and never lose sight of your little one. Our monitor allows you to adjust the camera view from the control pad, ensuring they are always within your reach.

🌙 Nighttime Peace and Serenity: Say goodbye to darkness-induced worries. Our monitor automatically switches to enhanced HD infrared night vision, providing a clear view even in the darkest of rooms.

🎶 Create a Soothing Ambience: Set the perfect atmosphere with 8 lullabies that lull your baby into a peaceful sleep. Monitor the nursery's temperature, ensuring a comfortable environment for your little one.

💡 Key Features that Matter:

  • Enhanced HD infrared night vision
  • Two-way audio for seamless communication
  • 8 lullabies for a soothing experience
  • Temperature detection for nursery monitoring
  • Volume control for personalized settings
  • 3.5-inch HD LCD display for crystal-clear viewing
  • Motion and sound detection for added security
  • Camera rotation and zoom control from the convenience of the control pad
  • Impressive range of up to 70m, ensuring a strong connection.

Enhance baby monitoring with our Wireless Night Vision Baby Monitor, prioritizing your baby's safety and providing you with peace of mind. Capture and cherish every precious moment with the perfect companion at your disposal.

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