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Nordic Style Padded Tummy Play Mat

Nordic Style Padded Tummy Play Mat

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Experience playful comfort with an all-in-one, dreamy baby mat.


👶📐 Thick, padded for safety

🎨 Vivid colors stimulate baby's senses

💚 100% soft, breathable cotton

🔥 Effortless to clean, removable cover

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Introducing our round baby play mat, designed with soft cotton and gentle padding for optimal comfort.

Give Your Little One The Comfort They Deserve 👶

A sanctuary of comfort and joy, our DreamPlay mat encourages exploration while assuring their safety. Perfect for tummy time, rolling over, or even a quick nap! Irreplaceable for restful playtimes.

Tired of Hard, Uncomfortable Play Mats? 😩

Say goodbye to those stiff, unyielding play mats that don't cushion your baby's explorations. DreamPlay mat's delicate padding provides an inviting, soft space for your little one's playtimes and belly rubs.

Itching for Easy-to-Clean Baby Gear?

No need to worry over cleaning difficulties. The DreamPlay mat features a removable cover that makes tidying a breeze. Just slip it off, toss in the wash, and it's good as new!

This play mat offers ample space for your baby to move and play freely. Its softness and durability ensure a delightful play experience for your little one.

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Diameter: 1 meter

Package Contents

1x Nordic Style Padded Play Mat