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Multi Layer Breastfeeding Pillow

Multi Layer Breastfeeding Pillow

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Experience unparalleled ease in your baby's feeding times!

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"This pillow has been a game-changer during meal times. My little one loves it, and no more messy spit-ups!" Fiona L.


  • Tailored Comfort: 6 adjustable positions for mom & baby.
  • Digestive Health: Reduces baby reflux issues.
  • C-Section Friendly: Relieves abdominal pressure.
  • Superior Support: Eliminates re-adjustments.
  • Pain-Free Feedings: Prevents arm ache & back pain.
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Experience the Ultimate Nursing Revolution with Our Multi-Layer Breastfeeding Pillow!

Unveil a world where feeding sessions become heartwarming moments of deep connection, comfort, and utmost care. Our groundbreaking Multi-Layer Breastfeeding Pillow is so much more than a pillow; it's the key to unlocking serene, health-boosting feedings.

Tailored Comfort for Two:

With 6 easily adjustable positions, discover a realm of relaxation where both mom and baby nestle in perfect harmony, free from frequent adjustments and disruptions.

Nourish & Nurture Minus the Worry:

Dive deep into the joy of feeding, confident in the knowledge that our pillow's unique design minimizes common digestion concerns like reflux. Every sip becomes a symphony of health and happiness.

Gentle Care for C-Section Moms:

Postpartum is a journey, and for c-section moms, our pillow becomes an essential companion, easing pressure and ensuring every feeding moment is wrapped in tenderness.

Elevated Above the Rest:

This isn't just another nursing pillow. It’s a game-changer. Engineered with adjustable reclining features, it promises enhanced digestion, reduced reflux, and unmatchable support. Because you deserve nothing but the best.

A Symphony of Comfort & Calm:

Say goodbye to arm aches and back pains. As you luxuriate in unparalleled comfort, witness the ripple effect on your little one – a serene, satisfied, and soothed baby after every feeding session.

Dive into the future of nurturing with our Multi-Layer Breastfeeding Pillow. Because every feeding session should be a cherished memory of comfort, connection, and care.

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58cm x 28cm


Our Multi Layer Breastfeeding Pillow are machine washable and can be tumble dried, making them easy to care for.

Package Contents

1x Multi Layer Breastfeeding Pillow