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Baby Knitted Sleep Bag With Hood

Baby Knitted Sleep Bag With Hood

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Grant your baby the gift of warmth and comfort all day long!


  • Butterfly Soft Touch: Ultra-soft fur interior.
  • Mess? No Stress: Easy machine wash.
  • Versatile Elegance: Transforms into a soft surface.
  • Adorable Craftsmanship: Snug hood with cute details.
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Discover the Ultimate Dream Cocoon: Our Premium Baby Sleeping Bag!

Welcome to a haven of dreamy cuddles, where your baby drifts into serene slumbers, wrapped in unmatched comfort and safety. Our handcrafted knitted sleeping bag is more than just a bedtime accessory—it's a timeless piece designed to cradle your baby with love, warmth, and tenderness.

Butterfly Soft Touch:

Immerse your little one in our ultra-soft fur interior, ensuring a night free from irritations. Dive into peaceful nights where your baby dreams and smiles.

Mess? No Stress:

Because life's little surprises should never be a hindrance. With easy machine washability, let each naptime begin with freshness and purity.

Versatile Elegance:

On warmer nights, transform this cozy cocoon into a soft, padded surface, offering gentle breezes and uninterrupted dreams.

Adorable Craftsmanship:

Adorned with a snug hood, delightful ears, and a whimsical tail, your baby's nightly adventure is not just about sleep—it's about magical stories waiting to unfold.

Perfectly Sized:

With dimensions of 40x70cm (15.75" x 27.5"), it's a snug embrace tailored for your little treasure.

Let every night be a starry lullaby, a soft caress, a promise of love everlasting. Choose not just a sleeping bag, but a lifetime of dreamy memories.

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40x70cm (15.75" x 27.5")


Our Knitted Sleep Bag With Hood are machine washable, making them easy to care for.

Package Contents

1x Knitted Sleep Bag With Hood