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Cushioned Baby Nest Sleep Pillow

Cushioned Baby Nest Sleep Pillow

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Discover the Perfect Resting Place for Your Baby

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"Wow, such a lifesaver! It's like magic, I just place my baby in and instantly she's fast asleep. Plus I get to rest a little, too!" Victoria V.


✔Portable and Travel-Friendly

✔Huggable Design

✔Safe Resting Spot



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Are you a parent in search of the ideal spot for your little one to rest and relax?

Look no further; our baby nest pillow is the answer to your needs.

Key Benefits:

Anywhere & Everywhere:

Whether it's a family vacation or a visit to the grandparents' house, this nest pillow is designed for ultimate portability. Your baby can rest comfortably wherever you go.

Suitable From Newborn:

Provide your baby with a sense of comfort and security from day one. The unique huggable design of this nest mimics the snugness of the mother's womb.

Ideal For Mom & Dad:

As a parent, you know that there are moments when you need both hands free. Whether it's a quick trip to the bathroom or preparing a bottle, this nest offers a safe and reassuring spot to lay your baby down. Rest easy, knowing your little one won't roll or fall.

Long Lasting:

This versatile nest doesn't just cater to newborns. As your child grows, it becomes the perfect companion for playtime, tummy time, and sitting up.

Easy To Clean:

Parenting can be messy, but keeping this nest fresh is a breeze. The removable covers and machine-washable design ensure that your baby's nest is always clean and inviting.

This nest pillow is designed for your convenience. It's easy to fold and transport, making it perfect for those on-the-go moments. Whether you're embarking on a family holiday or spending the night at the grandparents' house, this nest ensures that your baby has a cozy place to rest.

With removable and machine-washable covers, maintaining the freshness of your baby's nest has never been simpler.

Additional covers available for purchase here

Give your baby the gift of comfort and security with our versatile and easy-to-clean baby nest pillow.

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75 x 42cm (29.5 inches x 16.5 inches)


The covers can be easily removed and are machine washable.

Package Contents

1x Cushioned Nest Sleep Pillow